The agenturfuerkrankemedien was founded on March 9, 2006 from a project-related cooperation between a Wiesbaden agency and freelancers. After the official founding of the GbR in 2008 till today the working process has stayed the same; we throw our thought processes and abilities that complement each other in the mixer whatever the task in hand - with the result of finding the best possible and sustainable solution to the clients request, always with success.

As a full-service communications agency, the AFKM has overseen projects in the last seven years that are so diverse that it is difficult to frame them here with few words coherently, but in short and in the broadest sense, we have always executed projects in the field of visual communication.

Since 2014, the AFKM has brought this spectrum of visual communication experience into projects and requirements in the field of Digital Knowledge Transfer. These projects have been executed mainly for Art -and Cultural institutions, as well as in the field economy – also including software products and solutions; Everything between an in-house CMS authoring tool to the video-based job portal for youth – and there is still no end to the inventiveness in sight.

The AFKM is today in co-creation processes with film production companies, major museums and other institutions, always on the way to innovative new territory in terms of storytelling, technology, design and the construction of platforms and systems.